Leigh Smith

Flying is Energy Management, and Leigh Smith brings a wealth of experience to share.   Currently a Captain for a major airline, Leigh owns and operates a Cessna 195 from his 950' home strip in Knox, Indiana.

Leigh started with sailplanes at the early age of 15 and earned his private glider license at 16.  A private airplane license soon followed at the age of 18.

Leigh started flight instructing while in college earning a degree from Parks College.  After graduation Leigh flew part 135 in Piper and Cessna twins, Twin Beeches, Turbine Beeches, and Lear Jets.  With this experience he landed a job with a major airline.  At the major airline, Leigh became a Captain on the Boeing 727, Airbus 319/320 ,Boeing 757/767 , Boeing 777, and currently flying the Boeing 787. His type ratings also include the 747-4, DC3, CW46, Learjet, LOA JU-52.

Whether its a Sportsman 2+2 in the Bob Marshall Wilderness  or in his I0550 powered Cessna 185 in the Idaho Backcountry, or a Bonanza in the Missouri breaks, Leigh is at home.  He has a unique mastery of an aircraft's capabilities and is passionate about flying.

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 The Home Strip in Knox, Indiana

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 Specialty Flight Training

Leigh's Float Plane Before Restoration